Vicinity The Game

Vicinity – Warp Reality


You play as Claire, the cool awesome girl you see at the homepage. Guide her into a maze of puzzles with the help of your AnDroid Assistant (A.D.A) in search of the Control Cube, allowing one to warp reality. Along the way, with A.D.A as your guide, you find the Dynamic Force Manipulator (D.F.M) which allows you to control forces within objects. You use the D.F.M to aid yourself in the search for the Cube.

Your Mission – Get the Cube and Get out.


Simple! We put you at the entrance, now go find the exit! If it were so easy, where’s the fun? Of course we aren’t that nice either, so let’s throw in some chasms, explosions, ¬†unreachable platforms and our awesome deadly light spikes! Now get to the exit.


Dynamic Force Manipulator – Controls forces within objects, which enables Claire to attract and repel objects.

Control Cube – Warps reality. Gives Claire the ability to manipulate vectors. Claire can record a set movement along a path, save it, and replay it in order to reach otherwise unreachable areas.

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