Developer’s Thoughts


Well this team was put together like really randomly, more of like whoever’s available. With Student Internships clashing with the project’s schedule, it was pretty fun I guess.

In fact, this isn’t even the project we started with! I’m not sure how we even got here. At first, there was Kenny, me and Eugene. We were tasked to do an iPhone game project, which in fact we did come up with several prototypes which eventually ended up on a web game called the Gravity Game. It was pretty interesting, will 11 levels of puzzles. Then I left for my internship in the US, and Ricky and Nazrin joined the team soon after and they started working on the gravity game for the PC. (No idea how it turned into a PC game at this point). I was Ad-Hoc on the project till I came back.I was greeted with the first ever build when I got back. I started work immediately as the character artist and sound engineer.

Well I would say that this period was the most fun I have had in the 3 years in my diploma course, working with awesome people. I guess loving what you do also makes the difference. I certainly learned a lot more than I had expected and it was one of the best times ever! I certainly miss the development days. I still can’t believe the amount of work we did and scrapped with 1 month left on the final deadline! Well days are over, time to get going with another project! Have fun with our game people!


We were a team full of inexperience.

Although modeling has been a thing of our course, whatever we learnt was really the tip of the iceberg. The main bulk came during the project where we had to literally throw everything we learnt so far away and relearn everything from online tutorials.

But I believe our end product came out great. It was thanks to the workmanship of the whole team and the amount of hours placed into the game that made it the game it is today.

I hope everyone can enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.


The only reason why this project actually came through was the dedication and amount of effort put in by the team members (That and everyone was pretty much talented in their field of expertise) It has been pretty hectic since day 1 and it was amazing that we all pulled through it despite the short time frame provided to us.

One thing that helped us a lot is the fact we used the Unity3D game engine. The development pipeline is extremely easy to pick up and we went from completely no experience to quickly programming and pumping in game assets.

Similar to Eugene, we were both Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab interns and just recently returned from the US lab to do our final year project. The internship has provided us great insight in how a game should be developed and we were able to use our knowledge to organize and build our game. That was an advantage that no other team in our year had.

A large part of the project involves us learning as we work, and we all gained lots of experience through it. The day that we had to stop working on it to submit the game was rather gloomy as it meant the end of all that fun we had making the game. Regardless, we were relived it is finally over and now it is time to move on and work with other even more interesting projects.

For all those who will be playing this game, have fun playing with our game! It is the product of all our hard work and I hope it can be as enjoyable as what we envisioned it to be!.