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40 responses to “Contact

    • Hmmm… Here’s the same link, but I have somehow received a notification from dropbox saying that there was excessive traffic and that they have suspended my public links. They have said that it will be suspended for 3 days, so maybe you could check back later in a couple of days.

      If all else fails, please contact me again and I’ll send it to you via an alternative route.


      • Hi, I just discovered your game and would also like to give it a try.
        As dropbox is not made to support heavy distribution, i suggest uploading the file on any website supporting such use.

      • Use Winrar or 7zip, both can be downloaded… just search it in google. Decompress the .zip file, and you should get 1 vicinity icon and a folder called vicinity_data. Double click the vicinity icon and choose your settings and run the game.


  1. Hello, I’d like to download and play the game, but as everybody noticed, dropbox link doesnt work because of excessive traffic. Waiting 3 days may help to solve the problem, but sooner or later problem will start again. I see this as a limitation for spreading the game (isn’t what you want ?) and its popularity (if too much downloads => wait 3 days). You should absolutely find another ways to distribute the game and/or at least provide several download links…

  2. Why don’t you upload it on Mediafire I think it will be better than Dropbox ? I really want to play your game please !

  3. Congrats guys, the idea of the game is awesome! Though a little short … Would you release a level editor ?

  4. Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  5. Hey guys, yes i’m currently looking at the alternative solutions to hosting the link… it will probably be available in a couple of hours… Thanks and have fun… (:


  6. Alright guys! The new link is up… this time i’m using mediafire as my file hosting server!
    I hope you guys have fun playing it!

    P.S. on a side note, sorry that it is too short, we only had about a month or so to rework the game into whatever you see right now, so a level editor would probably not be possible as we would have to re-code all of the levels to support the structures that will be needed for a user generated level.

    As it will take too much time, I apologise for not being able to provide support on that. We are working on a shooter for iOs and Adroid Devices, and that will probably take the bulk of our time. So stay tuned! (:


  7. Nice game. I wonder why there is no alternative ending since reach the gate is possible with a good timing jump.

    • Really? Lol… We never really tried testing that jump. Although the mechanic actually allows the player to exploit and reach certain areas of the map… Well there are pies lying around in the map, maybe you could try to find them. There are secret compartments (:

      The ending part was kind of rushed as we only had about a month to create this build of the game. So not alot of time went into the ending of the game as the lore was placed in as a reason to why she was there in the first place haha.


  8. For the pies, I got all at first try (except the last (didn’t see directly the path) and the level 6 (See on the map, but I thinked that we need to go later. After it was easier to go there than to reach the exit)

    For the end, if you jump just when you begin to fall, at the very end of the beginning, you can reach the middle plattform. The gate doesn’t close but there are nothing.

    Other things: you can change the controls for movement but not for the teleport -> I have a ZQSD keyboard-> if i change and go left -> teleport. Fortunatly I can turn my keyboard on WASD.
    The game doesn’t save when you play. Doesn’t matter a lot since all the parts are separed. Except for the pies. If you die-> you lose the pie.
    And finally, the game doesn’t count the number of death (This is for that, the teleport number at each level?

    But still awesome game. I hope that you gonna work on Portal 3, like the guys who made “Tag, the Power of paint”. (I hope too there are gonna be a third)

    PS: Sorry for my bad English.
    PPS: don’t blame yourself for this. I am a ultra-perfectionist-> Find often bugs in game

    • For the end, I mean that if you record in straight line you can reach directly the gate, without going on the right.
      And at the end, you can jump over the closed gate and go in the void.

      PS: For the timed jump, this is just my old method. Going on the right part and record when walking work too.

      • Wow that was really detailed… haha… the end was probably our fault lol… we only placed an event at the right I didn’t think we actually considered anyone reaching the end by bypassing the right platform…

        You know… you could become a game QA… hehe
        Anyway thanks for the feedback (:


      • I know that I could be a good beta tester (addionally, I have a twisted mind (but it’s necessary to play Portal)). But after my study. Because it take so long time when I play seriously that I am gonna fail my exams. (For Example: I played 6 hours of Fallout 3. Nothing exceptionnal, except that I only reach the end of the vault (beginnin/tutorial)

        PS: if you make a new game, prevent me, I will be happy to help you.

  9. I have followed what you said but the only vicinity logo that i saw is the screen selector and it open in a image form only

    • erm there should be 2 files… one .exe file and a folder “gamename”_data
      double click the .exe file and the game options window will appear…
      click run/start to begin playing…


  10. AWESOME IDEIA! This game is incredible! But it is too short… Have you ever though about working on VALVe? Your game reminds me portal and with a level editor and a better story and more levels you can make even a better game than Portal!

    Sorry for bad english.

    • Hey Ropi, this was a alright idea, but we didn’t put much thought into making it expandable as it was really put together really hastily. The code is really really really really messy, and it would be kind of a bad idea to touch the code again haha… but it did get received quite well and we’re quite happy with it. In the mean time, we have no plans to continue the game as we are currently working on other projects at the moment, mostly for the iOS and Android platforms. But of course we’ll be thinking about it.

      Anyway, if you want to make a video, please do. It would be our pleasure that you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback (:


  11. Hi! I’ve recently downloaded the game and I think it’s a very good one. However, I’ve a little problem while trying to play it. From the moment the game allows you to move, my character goes constantly forward to the left even if I am not pressing any button and doesn’t stand still. This little bug makes it impossible to pass level 3 😦 Is there anyway I can fix this? I reeaaaally want to play the whole game! Thanks in advance! 😀

    • Hey Daniel,

      Glad that you liked our game. It seems as though that your copy might be faulty, or maybe your keyboard settings are different. Maybe you could try to download another copy of the game through the download link. I do not know what is causing the problem at the moment, but this bug that you have reported has been the first out of the thousands that have downloaded the game. It is the same copy from the start and no changes or patches have been made to the game.

      I’m sad to say that this project has been discontinued, as we have moved on to other projects. With one in mind that is similar to Vicinity.
      I hope downloading another copy would solve the problem, but in the event it doesn’t. Do write to us again as i’ll rebuild another copy to upload onto download page.


  12. Hey, I recently downloaded this through the and it runs fine except that my mouse does not register at all except when I’m in the main menu. So I can’t move the camera or use the portal thing. Any way to fix this?

    • Hello Foxer,

      It’s good that you are able to access the mouse from the main menu. Maybe you could try going to the options page. There is a mouse sensitivity slider which you are able to use to adjust the mouse sensitivity. I suspect that the sesitivity is 0, thus resulting in the failure to detect the mouse movement.


  13. For me the mouse sensitivity is way too high even on the lowest setting.
    Also why is there no option to invert mouse?

    • Hey wea0,

      The mouse sensitivity has been set to work at different levels. It is running fine on Windows 7 here, and XP as well. As for the mouse sensitivity, it is the first time i’m receiving this complaint, out of the thousands who have played Vicinity.

      There is also no option to invert the mouse, because we ran out of time. To put it simply, this was just a mad rush for deadlines due to a fault on our part, as we scrapped 1 month worth of work to rebuild it from the ground up, with tutorials and a lower learning curve, as the old version was in tight confined spaces and kind of dark, in which we jumped straight into the vector translation mechanic.

      So in short it was kind of a trade for better gameplay with additional features. I’m sorry if you have any resentment towards the game, but as of now there are no plans to add in any additional features, as we simply do not have the capacity to do so. We are however working on other projects, and maybe a better more organized port for Vicinity, Reloaded. Maybe.


  14. Hey, there’s something wrong with the 4th level. As soon as I move off the teleporting platform you spawn on, I fall trough the ground!
    This is extra frustrating since that’s when I’m supposed to get the “real” gadget. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem?

  15. EDIT: I redownloaded the game, and now it’s working fine! I think I might have stopped unpacking to early by accident. 😐
    Gonna keep playing now! 😀

  16. Hey guys, just finished playing the game. I’m wondering, you ARE going to follow up the story, right? PLEASE do it. happyface.jpg

    • Ahaha… Hey I’m glad that you liked it… Anyway this game has been out of production for a long time now… nobody is working on it as it was pretty much plastered together rather confusingly.

      The lore was placed in last minute to help make sense of the game ahaha… But yes it just stops there. Anyway we’ll probably be getting to work on more exciting projects, so stay tuned…


  17. Really great game, the only problem now is the setting haven’t much options for a 3D game, I know there is the setting on start up but I mean in game, if you want to change your setting. Other than that really good game.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. We have been extremely busy these past few months and did not have time to check back to the website. We probably will not have a sequel to the game as it is developed as a school project, and most of us are now too busy with other work to continue working on anything vicinity related. Sorry about that. We hope you still enjoyed the game though!

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