The Team


Team Members:


Kenny Chong ( :  Game Environment & Vehicle Artist, Level Designer & Producer

Tng Ren Qi (  Game UI Artist, Character Artist & Animator, Sound Engineer & Post Production

Nazrin Shah :  Game Play Programmer, Level Integrator & Tester

Ricky Fajar ( :  Game Environment Props Artist & Cinematic Scripter

Eugene Lim :  Game Framework, Audio & User Interface Programmer



Patch Version 1.1 – Kenny Chong, Tng Ren Qi and Nazrin Shah

Vicinity is a First-Person-Puzzle Game, based in a Sci-Fi setting. It is a major project, completed within a small time frame of 3 – 4 months, from our final year in Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Game and Entertainment Technology. This team, Past Motion Interactive, an initial joke name that was thought up actually turned out to be quite relevant in our final game design.

Our 5 man team went through 2 stages of throw away prototyping before finalizing our core game mechanic 1 month  into the project. 2 Months was spent creating the beta release version of the game. Of course graphical assets was an issue and level designs were flawed and it really looked like something from a typical horror scene, where corridors were narrow, cramped and dark.

Our turning point in the project came, when we were lucky enough to showcase our beta release in the Temasek Polytechnic’s Open House 2011. From our “make shift” open beta testing, we gathered valuable feedback and basically scrapped 90% of all assets, level designs and code (except for our core mechanics and gameplay scripts). We went though 1 month of crunch time, where we worked hard, fast and awesomely to create what you see today!

The new levels are spacious and awesome, filled with traps, puzzles and even Easter Eggs! Not to mention, we even have voice acting! Well there’s so much to say about our game, but what’s better than experiencing it yourself? Go to the “Vicinity the Game” tab to learn more, download and try out our game!